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How to buy NEKI at DxSale presale?

If you have never heard of DxSale, let us introduce it to you. The platform is popular for presales as it is known for being safe for buyers to obtain tokens before launch time.

For this tutorial we will use the Metamask Wallet to work with Binance Smart chain (BSC), this article will show you how to buy NEKI on DxSale.

Create a MetaMask Wallet here:

You will need to have some BNB on your Metamask Wallet and choose the right network, in this case, BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Now open the presale page on DxSale ( When you open the webpage MetaMask extension window should pop up. It will ask you to connect your wallet.

If you see this, you are not connected with your wallet, or if you are already connected, you need to wait for the page to load (sometimes it can be a bit slow).

Make sure you are in the BSC network.

Below is an example of a presale that had a hard cap of 15 BNB. To contribute, you would input how much you want to contribute (between 0.1 BNB and 50 BNB).

Hardcap is in our case 400 BNB which basically means that presale ends when that amount is raised. After reaching the presale goal we will have 48 hours to finalize the presale. Once we have finalised the presale, contributors that joined the presale will be able to claim their tokens and liquidity will be locked and added to PancakeSwap.

After clicking contribute you will also have to confirm the Metamask transaction.

Issues with Metamask contributions?

In case you are dealing with problems sending BNB via Metamask, there is an option to send BNB directly via Metamask using the contract Presale Address.

This is NEKI´s contract presale address: 0x6D3F21A46523F689AB194Fad8Cb00CaD8Bf9442d

On the photo below you can see how to send BNB directly.

Once the presale is finished the NEKI tokens will be automatically transferred to your Metamask wallet.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please check the following video for more information:

Please check the current NEKI price below:

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